Top 5 Romantic Destinations In The World

Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary or begin another chapter in your relationship, there has to be that perfect destination you and your loved one can go to for a destination holiday or an exclusive getaway.

Santorini, Greece

The white-washed architecture and alleys filled with pink flowers in contrast with the deep blue Aegean Sea make Santorini a perfect romantic retreat. Even in the sunsets are breathtaking, when white structures are bathed in yellow night lights and the sea and sky are in shades of purple and orange. Add in the hospitality of local residents and the history of the island, the island has become pretty synonymous with “romantic destination”.

Negril, Jamaica

On the western side of Jamaica is found the charming coastal town of Negril. What’s not romantic about viewing the stunning sunset with your partner while taking the iconic romantic stroll along the Seven Mile Beach? You can also check out activities you can enjoy together like parasailing, kayaking, horseback riding, bamboo rafting, riding jeep safaris. The nightlife and music scene is also an enjoyable night out you can experience together

Capri, Italy

The Mediterranean island of Capri is famous for the magical romantic feels you get here. You can take a relaxing stroll holding hands in Giardini di Augusto or a healing hike up Monte Solaro for scenic overlooks, celebrate your relationship’s milestones aboard a boat to take photos with the Faraglioni Rocks in the background or to take a dip in the blue waters inside the cavern of the Blue Grotto, or pop the ring and propose over a romantic dinner in Caesar Augustus Terrace.


Dutch-constituent island country Aruba is one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean. If you and your partner prefer to enjoy yourselves, just the two of you, you can hike to a secluded cove in Arikok National Park and enjoy the views there, or snorkel at a secluded spot of your choice. You can also enjoy bird watching at Bubali Bird Sanctuary, tandem parasailing, and wreck diving together in the day, a luxurious sailing cruise for a spectacular sunset experience, have a candlelight beach-front dinner, and then enjoy the beach parties and poker nights in the island’s lively nightlife.

Paris, France

Last but not the least, Paris is still undeniably one of the most romantic locations in the world. Certainly je ne sais quoi, you can never get wrong with the culture and elegance of the City of Love found in its appealing cafes, sultry bars, magnificent buildings, palaces and cathedrals and all the saccharine parks and alleyways. Just the Wall of Love (Le Mur Des Je T’aime) alone is already sentimental enough. Although anywhere in the world can be acceptably romantic with the right ambiance and perfect timing and spent with your special another half, don’t rob yourselves of the endless romantic possibilities of a celebration outside your normal, daily lives.