Top 5 Beautiful Destinations In Asia

Asia is where many civilizations and dynasties rose and ruined, where many religions began and house their sacred lands, where past and modern cultures manifest. With so much to explore, here are five destinations you can check out chosen according to the diversity the continent boasts.

Chill and Cool Off – Kuang Si Falls, Laos

While Southeast Asia boasts many stunning beaches, one of its most picturesque water forms is the Kuang Si Falls in Laos. The turquoise waters cascading from the jungle above into the limestone tiers are mind-blowing. You can enjoy local sticky rice specials and Beer Lao while dipping into the lower aqua blue pools or hike to the top of the falls for an appealing view of the Lao countryside.

Healing and Inner Peace – Dead Sea, Israel

The turquoise waters against the yellow-brown desert make this lake that’s the lowest point on the earth very Instagram-worthy. Found at 420 m below sea level, whether it’s the natural mud packs and sulfur hot springs of the north basin beaches or the public beaches near the shopping district on the south basin, you have seven options on where to take a dip. Just be careful when swimming because although it’s almost impossible to drown due to the salt concentration of the water that automatically makes everything float, choking mouthfuls of its water can cause salt poisoning.

History and Heritage – Forbidden City, China

The Palace Museum with the sunset sky in the background showcases awe-inspiring scenery and highlights the culture and history of China’s capital city. Found in Forbidden City, one of the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing, not only the Palace Museum but all the 1,000 different buildings inside the palace complex that housed the Chinese imperial palace for over half a millennium are breathtaking.

Green and Vogue – Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

As soon as you arrive in the island state, you’re welcomed with the nature-themed Jewel Changi Airport which features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a butterfly garden, and a suspension bridge among others. Of course, you can’t just come to Singapore for its world-best airport, you can also visit 100-hectare nature park Gardens by the Bay with its conservatories and glass greenhouse, Sentosa Island, and Jurong Bird Park among other attractions.

Art and Architecture – Hawa Mahal, India

The city of Jaipur is famous for its many magnificent architectures and beautiful crafts by its community of artisans. Hawa Mahal (Palace of Breeze) is the stereotypical Jaipur architecture because it has the architectural features distinct to the city –  the salmon pink and honey yellow facade, geometric accents, and tiny windows. The destinations listed aren’t the only ones you can visit in their cities that exude their Asian charms so you can also tour nearby spots that are just as incredible to make your trips more extraordinary.