5 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Trip

Looking up “best summer destinations” can be exciting and fun… until you start planning out your itinerary. You start to realize that planning a trip is more than just catching flights and scoring well-rated Airbnbs. You have to take several things into consideration such as tour guide fees, your choice of meals, budget for transportation, and even how much you’re willing to spend on souvenirs. Planning a trip can be costly, especially if you don’t plan your expenses ahead of time. If you’re tight on a budget but still want to get the most out of your vacation, here are 5 tips to save money on your next trip.

Eat where the locals eat

You don’t realize it but your meals eat up a huge section of your itinerary. Food is a big part of a society’s culture and as a tourist, chances are, you would want to try as many restaurants and specialty dishes as possible. However, most restaurants often increase the value of local delicacies because they know that these are the most sought after items on the menu. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the place without spending big bucks at overpriced restos, the best thing you can do is to eat where the locals eat. Not only are you guaranteed that the prices will be reasonable but you can expect the dishes to be authentic and delicious. Ask around and you might just find your next favorite food!

Be aware of the modes of transportation

Just like food, you won’t notice that you’ve been cashing way too much on your transportation. Transportation fees can add up fast and it’s best if you’re aware of all the different modes you can choose from. Does the place have a subway? A cab? If you’re on an island, are there motorcycle rentals nearby? Knowing how to move within the place is essential and will also help you avoid those pesky scammers who add fees on people who are foreign to the place.

Find cheap accommodation

Hotels are great if you have the money but hey, you’re here for a vacation and not a nap. Instead of paying for an extra comfy bed with a great view of the city (or island), you can use this extra cash to fund other items on your itinerary instead. If you’re on a tight budget, take the time to research cheap but well-rated rooms that are up for a short term rent. There is a plethora of accommodations listed on Airbnb. Just be aware of the added fees when finalizing your booking!

Plan a trip during off seasons

Plane tickets are expensive but they can go very low during off-seasons. Not only that, you also won’t have to move your way around hundreds of travellers at the airport. Aside from plane tickets, hotel rooms and some attractions are also cheaper during off seasons. Take advantage of the low fares and lesser crowds!

Stick to your budget

It’s easy to get lost in spontaneity and bliss while cruising through a new city but even though you’re on vacation, you should still take an extra time to check if you’ve been following your budget. Trips are fun but realizing you’re running out of money in the middle of a weeklong trip is not. Have fun but be responsible with your finances. We all want to escape our daily lives for a while and simply fly off to another island or city for a few days. Although fancy amusement parks and limited edition souvenirs are great, nothing can beat the experience of eating an authentic dish with the locals or the feeling of walking underneath the towering buildings of a foreign city. Your vacation is what you make out of it, no matter what your budget is.