5 Tips To Make Your Skin Glow

sunscreen Are you looking to amp up your skincare game this new year? Are you unsure of what products you should splurge on to get that dewy, glass skin look? With hundreds of products and skincare routines available online, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you. To help you get started on your skincare journey, we listed down 5 surefire tips that will help you get that glowing skin you’ve always wanted!


Exercise? What does that have to do with skincare? We know you’re itching to press that order now button on that skincare set you saw online, but hear us out first. Doing daily exercises, even minimal ones such as walking and stretching for a few minutes will help your body release chemicals that will help you feel good. Exercising daily will also help you get better sleep at night, which, in return, will help you get rid of those nasty bags under your eyes. Bye puffiness!

Wear sunscreen

Let’s say you finally got out of bed to start on your new exercise journey but… not so fast. If you plan on running your laps outside, it’s important to put on a generous amount of sunscreen before you head out the door. The sun is one of the major causes of anti-aging–which we don’t want–and hyperpigmentation.  If your goal is to get glowing skin, be sure to apply sunscreen. Alright, so now you’ve gotten into the habit of exercising and putting sunscreen on every day. But what are the things that you should incorporate into your actual skincare regimen?

Double Cleansing

The first thing you would want to do, especially if you wear make-up, is to double cleanse. Double cleansing simply means removing any product on your face with an oil-based cleanser and then following it with your regular cleanser. There are other formulations you can choose from for the first cleanser but choosing an oil-based cleanser will help break down heavier products such as mascara, foundation, and sunscreen faster. The second cleanser will help remove any residues which were not removed by your first cleanser.

Be gentle with your skin

The more you scrub, the faster the products will work, right? Wrong. Most people think that scrubbing aggressively will help the products to penetrate deeper into their skin thus making the products more effective. However, harsh scrubbing can increase irritation which usually leads to red marks and sometimes, acne breakouts. You’re not washing the dishes, you’re washing your face. Be gentle and your skin will thank you.

Self-care, above all

You can buy all the products in the market, have monthly facials, and regular trips to the dermatologist but all these things are useless if you don’t take the time to appreciate yourself. Give yourself a breather when you’re tired from work. Buy that dress online which has been on your wishlist for the longest time because you don’t think you deserve it. Protect your peace by cutting off toxicity and negativity. Self-love is the biggest thing you’ll have to give yourself, no matter what your goal is. Go and get that glowing skin. And don’t forget your sunscreen!