5 Most Underrated Spots In The World

Overwhelming crowds can dampen your vacation spirit. The waters become less fun when all you can do is walk and submerge yourself. It may also become annoying when you have to wait for your food for a long time because the restaurants are full and the queues to the snack bars are long. Hence, here are some of the most underrated destinations in the world where you can relatively peacefully enjoy your vacation.

Bergen, Norway

The quaint, historic district of Bergen has plenty to offer you on your holiday getaway. As a harbor city, you can expect great, tasty seafood. The vibrant buildings that line the harbors of Bergen are also Instagram-perfect. Plus, you can also get your fix of nature glacier hikes, fjord tours, even kayaking, and rafting.

Capernaum, Israel

Since most pilgrimages to Israel usually go to Jerusalem because of its great significance to the three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Christian tours to the country often miss on Capernaum. Although it’s not a functioning town anymore, you can check out the archeological site there owned by the Franciscans on the west and the Greek Orthodox on the east. There, you can visit the remains of the ancient synagogue and even the ruins of what is believed to be Peter’s home. A minute walk from the site is the Kfar Nahum (Capernaum) National Park where you can shop, eat, and stroll to the dock.


Experience what it feels like to be one of the extras in a fairytale in this principality snuggling between Switzerland and Austria. One of the tiniest and wealthiest countries in Europe, Liechtenstein is governed by monarchy and with real, functioning castles. As it’s deep in the Alps, the country has plenty of ski slopes and hiking trails you can try.

Helsinki, Finland

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing destination that isn’t overhyped, the stunning architecture of Helsinki is perfect for you. You can take your pick among all the must-see architecture in this Finnish metropolis showcasing neoclassical architecture, the regional art nouveau form Jugendstil, and contemporary art largely based on nature and local craft.


With the lion reintroduction program at Majete Wildlife Reserve, the once-dismissed safari destination should be on your wildlife watching list. Or if you prefer underwater wildlife, the at least 850 species of colorful cichlid fish in Lake Malawi should be more than enough to distract you while you dive, snorkel, kayak or just plain chill out on the lake beach. There’s no need to confine yourselves with only the popular options for a vacation trip. There’s plenty of other places on Earth you can explore to start your own adventure.