5 Most Interesting Sea Creatures Alive

As the earth is more than 70% water, it’s not surprising if there are creatures hidden within the ocean. Fortunately, we have explored a small portion of the ocean and have unraveled some of its creatures. Meet 5 of the most interesting and weird creatures of the sea:

Red-Lipped Batfish

This fish is found at the depths of 75 meters below around the Galapagos Islands; It lives and feeds on the seafloor and with the help of its makeshift legs, it can “walk” on the sand. Interestingly, this fish feeds by attracting fishes with its red-lips. With its retractable snout, the lips can be flaunted and attract its prey which attacks when the fishes are close enough to their mouths. This creature can be nature’s way of saying that kisses can be deadly too.

Giant Spider Crab

A Native of Japan, this giant spider crab lives on the sea bed at the depth of 1,640 feet and can survive with 50 degrees temp. Their limbs can grow a whopping 12 feet in length. Their bodies are orange-white, with a cream-colored base and unlike normal crabs, their shells are spiny and give off an arachnid-like appearance, thus explaining the name. Interestingly, a male spider crab can grow larger and longer than a female, while the females can grow wider than the male to hold eggs

Vampire Squid

Legend says, if you run into this Squid, well, nothing will happen. Although it’s given the name as the “vampire squid from hell”, it is quite harmless and is not a fearsome creature one would expect from being called a vampire. The Vampire Squid lives 10,000 feet underwater, in the bathypelagic and mesopelagic regions of the world, and can thrive in a low-oxygen environment. This creature feeds on drifting particles which are called “Marine Snow” with the help of its two long and sticky filaments.

Kiwa, God of Shellfish, Crab

An unusual, hairy yet no eyes crab, the Kiwa Hirsuta or Yeti Crab, was discovered in 2005 close to the Easter Islands along with the hydrothermal vents. It lives 5,000 feet under the water and uses its long claws that hold bacteria that can detoxify food, it has most likely been recognized as blind. It can live 8,500 feet below water and can survive in a low-oxygen environment, and not to mention, it likes to stay in tight spaces as self-defense for predators.

Blob Sculpins

The Blob Sculpin, with its ghoulish appearance, is a deepwater creature that can be found around the pacific coast of Southern California. It can grow to a length of 70cm or a little more than 2 feet and feeds on small invertebrates. The Blob Sculpin is not the most appealing fish, however, through observation scientists have seen that these Blobs tend to be overprotective and tend to dote their young. It has been observed that males guard their nesting area which is filled with hundreds of eggs in the deep waters of the Southern California Coast.