5 Most Amazing Mothers In The Animal World

Animal Mothers Being a mother is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. As Nature has intended, maternal love runs deeper than the ocean, whether it’s a human or an animal. Welcome to our list of the 5 most amazing mothers in the animal world!


Many would argue that Orangutans are the smartest of all the animals, but how are they as mothers? A female Orangutan produces a child just once every eight years. While it may seem like a long time, they actually take care of their babies for the same amount of time. Mother Orangutans spend years teaching their children the necessary survival skills in the wild. Because of this, the mothers and their children have a close-knit relationship.

Polar Bear

Living in a harsh climate makes it necessary for a mother bear to teach her children basic survival skills. For 2 whole years, cubs remain by their mother’s side as they are taught how to live independently under such freezing climates. Before finally learning how to hunt, the cubs will only make it through only if their mother timed her birth correctly during the warmer months. Her body acts as a thick blanket for the young bears and her milk as their primary food. Like everyone, these babies need their mother to survive.

African Elephant

Unlike in human society, African Elephants rely on survival through their natural matriarchal instincts. Female elephants get pregnant for a span of two years. Inexperienced mother elephants are guided by the older ones in hers in raising a calf. Just like any mother, one teaches a baby how to fend for themselves in the wild but the only difference with elephants is that they maintain an affectionate relationship with their infant and the herd. Thus, the whole community helps raise the young.


Unlike herd animals, cheetahs prefer to teach their calves in complete solitude. Since they are also prey to some animals, they keep their nests hidden from potential attackers. They teach their young how to fend for themselves in the wild as a hunter by nature. As a single mother, a female Cheetah looks after her babies for about one and a half years before letting them roam free. Mortality is high for animals like Cheetahs that is why they spend years in each other’s company especially siblings, long after they leave their mother’s nest.

Emperor Penguin

Most parents would agree that parenthood is not an easy job that you can escape from as it requires effort, time, and a lot of sacrifices. Similar to the Emperor Penguin, after laying its hatchling, the mother leaves it with the male penguin, which protects and shields the egg from all elements, while the mother penguin travels a distance up to 50miles to arrive at the ocean to hunt fish. The mother then later returns to the hatchling to spew the food the new chick. Then would intimately embraces the chick with her brood pouch to keep the chick safe and warm.