5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Elephants

Facts About Elephants Most people would see the Elephants as big, gray, and has a hose for a nose kind of creature. But did you know that the elephant has more things to offer than just being a big, gray-snouted mammal? Here are some fun facts that you may have not known regarding our big, gray, intelligent animal friend.

Elephant skin is actually sensitive

At first glance, we think that the skin of an elephant is tough, similar to that of a rhino. But that’s not actually the case, elephant skin is pretty sensitive. Have you ever wondered why elephants play in the mud or water? It’s because the mud acts like sunscreen for the elephants to avoid sunburn. Similar to the water, they like to bathe as much as they can.

Elephants have incredible hearing

Even miles apart from their families, elephants have the ability to communicate with each other through subsonic hearing that is often made by the vibration of the ground. Similar to the concept of echolocation, an elephant receives calls by monitoring the vibration on the ground with both their feet and trunk. This way, they can position themselves in focal points to triangulate the origin of the call.

Elephants are incredibly intelligent

Although it’s common knowledge that elephants have an amazing memory, bet you did not know that elephants are smarter than meets the eye. They are recognized on par as the dolphin, who is recognized to be as smart as a human. The reason why experts say so is because of the pattern of their brain, which shares similarities to the human brain. Elephants have also been observed to have self-awareness. This is actually uncommon in the animal kingdom but a normal trait of a human.

Elephant pregnancy lasts for 22 months

Compared to humans, the elephant’s pregnancy can reach 22 months. Imagine carrying an unborn child for 22 months? The human body may not be able to take it. Fortunately, the elephant’s structure is able to hold the pregnancy for that long. Also, did you know that an elephant can only have one offspring one at a time and needs to rest a significant amount of time before being able to get pregnant again? This makes their production slow and if we do not treat elephants well, they may be endangered in the coming years.

Elephant trunks have 100,000 different muscles

The normal idea is that a truck is used for smelling, breathing, drinking, trumpeting, and grabbing items: may it be mud, leaves, food, or even their young. The trunk has more functions than meet the eye, elephants use their trunks to give themselves or their young showers, by sucking water and spraying it all over. After which spray dust for protective coating. The trunk is also flexible to be able to have the option to spray water, mud, and dust as well as to bring whatever item around them.