5 Exercises You Should Do Regularly

Exercises Imagine yourself 30 years from now. Are you imagining yourself as a badass grandma who is driving her grandkids around town in a vintage car? Or are you imagining yourself on a beachfront somewhere in Europe, enjoying a sip of juice while sitting under a huge umbrella? Or maybe a cool grandad who is on his way to his grandson’s football game? Well, if your current lifestyle involves countless hours watching Netflix while snacking on some potato chips you bought from the 7/11 nearby, you probably would need to change your 30-years-from-now image of yourself. If you want to stay active in your aged years, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular exercising routine while you’re still young. Here are 5 exercises you should do regularly to maintain that energetic vibe.


Ah, the good ole squat. This exercise requires you to think about your body movements, placement, and control. You have to focus on several factors such as proper foot placement, maintaining a straight back with a high chest, glute engagement, and even control as you ascend from the squatting position. It’s a great exercise to workout out your legs as well as your glutes.

Jumping Jacks

You might think that jumping several times along with your arms is a simple exercise but if you’ve actually tried doing a few jumps of this exercise, then you’d know that it’s definitely not an easy one. Jumping jacks balances out your heart rate and helps in proper blood circulation. Including this exercise in your routine will surely awaken those sleeping muscles in your body.

Chin Tuck

If your work requires you to face a computer screen all day, then you can agree that neck pains are one of the most frustrating things there is. It stops you from working continuously because of the nagging pain. Fortunately, you can do chin tucks to combat this problem. Chin tucks target the neck muscles and helps them strengthen and stabilize. They also help you prevent future neck injuries caused by too much slouching or aging.


One doesn’t have to question why planks are dreaded by most people. Planks look easy at first, and you can probably hold the position for a few seconds. But holding it for a couple more seconds is difficult and extremely uncomfortable. So, why do a lot of routines incorporate planks even though they are so strenuous? It’s because planks target your core and help you build stability and strength. They also target a large number of muscles throughout the body which makes them a sought after exercise in training routines.


Phew. After all those exercises we’ve mentioned, you’re probably already tired just from thinking about doing them. But here’s a surprise for you: you can simply walk a few minutes every day and this will help improve your overall health. It sounds easy because everyone can walk but if you’re a couch potato, this task seems as daunting as the ones mentioned earlier. So get up, drop the chips, and start walking. Exercising is tiring, yes, but it can also be very rewarding. We will grow old someday, and so will our bodies. Despite the busyness of our lives, it’s important to remember that we cannot fully enjoy the fruits of our labor if we are sick and aged. Get up, grab your yoga mat, and start exercising!