5 Cutest Animals In The World

There are times where Mother nature flexes her beauty, distributed among animals. Although. one cannot deny that there are different kinds of beauty and that beauty is dependent on the beholder. Another fact that cannot be denied that “adorable” is the general form of beauty that leaves the viewers flushed. Here are our top 5 picks on the most adorable creatures found in the Animal Kingdom.

Red Panda

With regards to appearance, the Red Panda share some similarities with the Great Pandas but as the name suggests they are red and somewhat appear to be red raccoons, with their pointed ears and reddish-fox-like legs. This Red panda is a dwarfed version of the usual Black and white Giant Pandas. They grow up to be the size of a typical house cat but have bigger and bushy tails which apparently add more length. They usually spend their lives in trees and tend to sleep a lot and when they do hunt it is usually at night, as well as hours close to dusk and/or dawn


The Koala, a tree-climbing omnivore, is an iconic Australian mammal. With its fuzzy appearance and fur similar to that of wool of a sheep, the Koala appears to share some similarities with a human – it has two opposable thumbs and two toes on their feet, which they used to comb their fur. Despite their adorable appearance, the Koalas aren’t as sweet as they look. The expert observed that these animals behave depending on their mood which often varies between cranky to downright enraged.

Harp Seal

Harp seals are relatively one of the cutest sea creatures to walk or swim on the Atlantic oceans as well as the Arctic ocean. They have a dark mark on their bodies because of which experts had named them as saddleback seals. These sleek swimmers feed on fish and seals can remain underwater for up to 15min. If you think the adults are cute, wait till you see their cubs, who are covered in snow-white fur and have jet black eyes. They often grow up to 1.7m in length and would weigh up to 130 kg as an adult.

Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine Tarsier, an arboreal and the smallest primate around the globe. As its name suggests, the Philippine Tarsier is found in Bohol, a province in the Philippines. It has the basic qualities of being adorable; it’s small and has huge eyes and tiny paws and is no bigger than an adult hand. Despite its cuteness and size, the Philippine Tarsier is rather private and likes to have a lot of space around it. The Philippine Tarsiers are known to hate captivity and tend to lose sanity when captive. Unfortunately, the Philippine Tarsier is also an endangered species.

Fennec Fox

Known as the smallest of the fox family, the Fennec Fox, is a creature that is smaller than a domestic cat, with enlarged ears and pointy faces. Their heads are measured to be 9.5 inches and 7 inches as cubs. They can grow up to 16inches, the head and12.2 inches, the tail, and a weight of 3.3lbs. The Fennec Fox lives in the sands of Sahara and North Africa. Their habitat helps them cope with the desert heat and barren environment. Their large ears help keep regulate body heat and keep themselves cool.