5 Budget-Friendly Destinations For Backpackers

The travel style suitable for those who want to travel to more locations and immerse deeper in the culture of where they’re going to, as long as they have a long period of time to spare, is backpacking. However, not all destinations fit the day-to-day life and adventures of backpackers. If you want to see more of the world with also more budget to spare, here are 5 budget-friendly backpacking destinations you may want to travel to.


A solid destination even for first-time backpackers, Nicaragua offers something of everything – from volcano boarding to beach lounging, jungle trekking to Mayan site visiting, night parties, and street food. More importantly, the country is safe and easy to navigate. And since the alcohol is cheap and the beaches are free, if you spend your daily allowance wisely, you may be able to splurge on food and lodging.


If you want a cheap place to backpack in South America, Bolivia is the choice for you. With its world-famous salt flats, which is probably the only thing here you’ll splurge in, renowned trekking trails, really cheap parties, and even attractive architecture, it is easy to entertain yourself while backpacking here with little to no cost.


Right across the Wagah border from one of the most popular budget travel destinations, India, is Pakistan. It might not be your first Asian choice but this country is more preferable if you’d rather avoid hordes of wannabes in Nepal and India and want a more intense cultural experience. With the hospitality of the Pakistani, it is possible to hitchhike and couchsurf your way across the country.


With a tent and a sleeping bag, you can settle down almost anywhere in Turkey and especially in the caves of the Cappadocia region. A cheap overland trip from Asia to Europe or the other way around, you can spend your day time exploring the various landscapes and sceneries of the country while your night time gazing at the stars in the sky.

Eastern Europe

Backpacking in Eastern Europe is nothing like standard European backpacking at all. Because most countries here were formerly part of the Soviet Union, the colorful traditions and awe-inspiring Soviet ruins can give you a totally different European experience. The unique experience you can get spending only around $10-$15 a day or less can make you more open-minded, flexible, and confident. So if you have the time and some money to spare, backpacking through these countries would be good for you.