5 Biggest Animals In The World

Biggest Animals When it comes to size, some animals will not lose, and although it is not a basis of superiority, size does add to the factor of strength. It may be the largest of its kind or the largest in the world. Here are the 5 largest animals in the world and perhaps of its kind.

Chinese Salamander

This salamander is the largest existing amphibian today. From its name, do you know that it is endemic in the lakes of the Yangtze basin in mainland China? This means that it can only be found in that certain area. It weighs about thirty to one hundred thirty-two kilograms. It also measures 6 feet. Although their features are not far from their predecessors, Chinese Salamanders are available for consumption in the markets of Chinese provinces. Hence, they’re now considered an endangered species.


It’s no surprise that Ostriches are considered the biggest living bird, especially since they measure a total of nine-foot-tall. Although they are birds, they cannot fly like the others. Their eggs contain 47% protein. They have absolutely unique and strong physical features like their big eyes, their feet which enable them to run fast and they also don’t come with a set of teeth. Ostriches are fascinating creatures indeed.

African Elephant

It’s safe to say that in terms of size, the African Elephant is the king of all animals in the land. They only weigh seven tons and can grow more than thirty-five feet. These elephant herds roam around the countries of Africa, hence the name. Their physique has also adapted to the climate that they’re in, they even have big ears that help release heat from their body. As majestic as it sounds, these creatures are already considered threatened by the wild.

Colossal Squid

These huge squids are only roaming the seas of the south in the globe. Although it is big enough to be seen,  adult Colossal Squids which reach forty-five feet in captivity are rarely in sight. These squids enjoy their solitude in the deepest and coldest parts of the seas. Colossal Squids really sound intimidating especially with its name, but with the hooks in its tentacles or arms and its big eyes, the largest in the kingdom Animalia, it sure is not adorable as Squidward.

Blue Whale

Blue Whales are sea creatures that were named after the grayish-blue tone of their skin. Just some fun fact: Do you know that the tongue of a Blue Whale is as heavy as an elephant? Also, its heart can weigh as heavy as a car. Being the biggest animal that has ever lived, it weighs about 200 tons and it’s also ninety-eight feet long. Having this massive body, it’s surprising to know that they swim fast in their domain and they only eat planktons which are microscopic organisms roaming around the ocean.